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The edelweiss POST & CORE system consists of a post-and-core monoblock (post and abutment) made of laser-tempered and pre-polymerized highly filled nanohybrid composite and is used for the restoration of endodontically treated teeth. The conical post has a smooth surface and fits into post beds with a diameter of 1.4 mm and 1 mm. This makes it ideal for use in both the anterior and posterior regions. The conical profile of the post ensures optimal adaptation to the post bed. The translucency of the post allows even light emission for complete polymerization even in the apical region. The unique laser coating process allows for improved composite technology with superior mechanical properties. The edelweiss POST & CORE system ensures a perfect esthetic result thanks to its translucent root post and integrated opaque post build-up. The POST & CORE system is bonded to the root dentin with the same material it is made of, so that the root, dentin/cervical enamel, composite cement and POST CORE system form a single unit. This ensures maximum retention of the post in the root canal.

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edelweiss POST & CORE

«The composition of the edelweiss POST & CORE is barium glass, strontium and zinc oxide (antibacterial) embedded in resin. The crystals are sintered to a monobloc which leads to perfect mechanics within the material. The flexural strength is similar to that of natural tooth. Congruent precision laser cut dental drills creates a perfectly prepared post space to suit the anatomical variations within the root canal space. edelweiss POST & CORE system is available in 3 different sizes based on the tooth position corresponding to anterior, premolar and molar regions.»

«The difference lies in the force buffer of the monobloc.»

The edelweiss POST & CORE system

is a laser sintered monobloc designed to avoid the wedging effect. The posts have a conical shape for perfect post space adaptation. The translucency of the post allows uninterrupted light transmission for complete polymerization even at the most apical portion of the post.

The edelweiss POST is further enhanced by a core buildup into a single monobloc which is specifically designed to mimic the natural tooth form. The opaque core buildup in Vita Shade A1 is supplied in various anatomical forms based on the natural tooth form thus simplifying the preparation procedure. Any further preparation of this core buildup will then result in a core similar to that of the natural tooth structure. The edelweiss POST & CORE´s natural tooth design form enables for better retention of the final clinical crowns.

The adhesive bonding further contributes to avoiding the wedging effect by providing a single monobloc between the adhesive layer and the composite post. It is now possible to carry out the post & core placement together with the final restorative treatment in a single appointment, which is both time and cost effective for patient and dentist alike.

Simple and Quick

The edelweiss POST & CORE system is a simple and a quick solution for all your post-endodontic needs. The single-phase POST & CORE glass hybrid can be customised with a true monobloc effect depending on the needs of the tooth.

It is an ideal choice for rebuilding and strengthening broken down teeth. Cementation using edelweiss flowable composite, dual cure composite material or adhesive resin cement.


  • Prefabricated POST & CORE
  • Translucent post for periapical light polymerisation
  • Innovative monobloc of post and core with A1 buildup for natural integration
  • Monobloc avoids wedging effect
  • Biocompatible
  • Flexural modulus 20 GPa like Dentin (15-20 GPa)
  • Radio-opaque
  • Cuts like dentin
  • Superior adhesion to the root canal
  • One session, reduced treatment time
  • Time and cost effective

Product Range

Technical Data

N.-H. Composite
N.-H. Flowable Composite
Flexural Strength
200 MPa
150 MPa
Compressive Strength
550 MPa
480 MPa
350 MPa
Flexural Modulus
20 GPa
12.5 (Dentin) - 16 GPa (enamel)
68 HV
Surface Hardness
100 HV
80 HV
68 HV
Polymerization Shrinkage
2.50 %

(Source: internal data from edelweiss dentistry)

Preparation and Cementation - Step by Step

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